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GRONEN aims to contribute to societal progress in a world of rapid, complex and non-linear environmental change.


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GRONEN has actively offered publishing opportunities for the research outputs of its members and the broader community of sustainability scholars.

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We are a network of international scholars who feel passionate about better understanding the links between management and sustainability.

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North meets South: A call for inclusive global research

Guest Bloggers: Smaranda Boroș Vlerick Business School, Belgium smaranda.boros@vlerick.com   Anita Bosch University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa anita.bosch@usb.ac.za   Yuliya Shymko  Audencia Business School, France yshymko@audencia.com   The …

‘Glocalization’ in a post-COVID-19 world

Guest Bloggers: Arijit Paul, Romana Rauter, Rupert J. Baumgartner Institute of Systems Sciences Innovation and Sustainability Research University of Graz   “Glocalization, the simultaneous occurrence of both universalizing and particularizing …

Post COVID 19: Economic and Social Impact in India

Guest Blogger: Dr.K.V.Sriram, Associate Professor at the Department of Humanities and Management, Manipal Institute of Technology The cloud of uncertainty looms over the entire globe. Stock markets are in disarray, …

Let´s also flatten the climate curve!

Guest Blogger: Christopher Wickert – christopher.wickert@vu.nl Amidst the current Corona-crisis one chart gained massive popularity in social media. It is called “flatten the curve”, and relates the number of infections to …