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Gronen Research Group

The Group for Research on Organizations and the Natural Environment (GRONEN) is an international network of scholars researching various dimensions of management and the natural environment, who aim at contributing to societal progress in a world of rapid, complex and non-linear environmental change.

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22nd GRONEN Reading Group Meeting

We would like to invite to you to participate in the 22nd session of the GRONEN Reading Group (GROReG). GROReG is the platform of the GRONEN network to discuss papers that …

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Simone Carmine’s PhD Story

Having completed his PhD in 2020, Simone is now a postdoc at the University of Padova, Department of Economics and Management in Padova, Italy How would you describe your academic …

GRONEN Workshops: Say it louder!

  GRONEN WORKSHOP SERIES   GRONEN Skill Booster Workshop Say it louder! Learn how to communicate your research results effectively to a broader audience GRONEN & QUEST   01.07.2021 _ …