About Gronen


The Group for Research on Organizations and the Natural Environment (GRONEN) is an international network of engaged scholars researching various dimensions of management and the natural environment.



  1. To generate relevant research with highest levels of research rigor
  2. To encourage innovative thinking in order to develop transformative ways of protecting the Earth.
  3. To promote personal and friendly interactions between people analyzing the relationships between the natural environment and organizations.
  4. To learn from geographical, methodological, and paradigmatic diversity.
  5. To develop impact through a network of engaged scholars.


The Group for Research on Organizations and the Natural Environment (GRONEN) is an open network of engaged scholars focused on high quality research regarding organizations and the natural environment. GRONEN aims to contribute to societal progress in a non-linear changing world.

Our History

GRONEN was inspired in Seattle back in 2003 when a group of scholars were discussing how  to promote more opportunities for flexible interaction between people working on sustainability issues. Since the very beginning, one of the original ideas was to develop a very open and flexible network of individual scholars in order to make bridges between international scholars (particularly American and European scholars) working on issues around organizations and the natural environment. They thought that GRONEN might complement the traditional activities of the Organizations and Natural Environment (ONE) Division of the Academy of Management. After ten years of informal and effective working, a broader group of scholars formally founded the GRONEN association in Zurich in 2013. Formalizing GRONEN will allow the network to  launch more diverse and ambitious initiatives.

One of the first GRONEN outputs has been the promotion of academic conferences held outside the traditional North-American locations. Open to scholars of all nationalities, these conferences have generated an open network of people focused on high quality research regarding organizations and the natural environment. Scholars from more than 100 universities and institutions have collaborated with the scientific and organizing conference committees since the origins of GRONEN in 2003.

After multiple successful GRONEN international conferences, the network has helped to create solid academic and personal bridges between diverse international scholars and has particularly contributed to better mutual understanding between North American and European scholars in this field. Now GRONEN aims to reach a global scale including scholars from all over the world and extend our activities to offer multiple opportunities for our members and the research community.

Executive Commitee

Tobias Hahn

ESADE Business School

Tobias Hahn

GRONEN President

ETH Zurich

Jost Hamschmidt

Network coordinator

University of Hamburg

Timo Busch

Conference coordinator

University of Almeria

Miguel Perez-Valls

Communication coordinator

Warwick Business School

Frederik Dahlmann

GRONEN Reading Group coordinator

University of Graz

Arijit Paul

Workshop coordinator

Former GRONEN Presidents


University of Granada

J. Alberto Aragon-Correa

Former President

Queen Mary University of London

Frances Bowen

Former President