All about the people and the academic rigor:


GRONEN conferences offer a unique opportunity to develop personal networks with scholars researching on the natural environment, organization and management. Our conferences provide an intimate environment to promote academic interactions in a very friendly environment. GRONEN conferences have built a reputation for encouraging a supportive and critical environment to develop our research. GRONEN conferences provide a unique combination of research rigor, relevance, flexibility, collegiality, and fun.


The objectives of GRONEN conferences are to generate relevant and strong research and to encourage innovative thinking to develop transformative paths towards a sustainable future for business, society and the environment. We therefore systematically promote personal interactions between international scholars to develop impact through a network of engaged scholars.


GRONEN Conferences are held every two years. Previous conferences have taken place in European locations helping to complement the Academy of Management ONE Divisions’ sessions in North America. The GRONEN conferences usually attract some of the most well-known scholars in the field of organizations and the natural environment. However, at the same time, the conference is intentionally run at a small scale to guarantee strong interactions and a friendly community.

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